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President Biden's Dilemma

 Main Street is hurting. Inflation has arrived; the kids are still not back in school on a regular basis; Covid is worse than ever. Wall Street is still booming although it is increasingly edgy. President Biden enters the room and tells us all the good things he has done. He even called on Tom Hanks to put out a video sharing the good things that have happened.

But that is not the way Americans are feeling. And yes, job growth is terrific and unemployment is low. But what Biden doesn't get is that the kids are still not back in school, and that we are paying more for groceries, and the cost of a new car is out of sight.

Biden needs to take a page from FDR. Yes, the Democrat who changed the course of American history. FDR did not deny that times were bad. He said so and then he told the American people everything he had done to improve their lot. And then he asked them to do something - in FDR's case, the people had to go to the banks and put their money back into the banks. FDR succeeded. The people listened and capitalism was saved. 

In Biden's case, the people need to go to the polls and vote out anyone who is against the people's agenda. Biden knows that the people want childcare, want lower prices at the pharmacy, want to invest in climate change, and most of all, want to vote. So Biden needs to take on the naysayers. Stop thinking that they will compromise. They have demonstrated time and again they will not. Forget them. Go the American people and sell the Democratic agenda. Stop lamenting the time when bipartisanship existed. It doesn't exist today and he can't make it happen. It is like a bad marriage. It takes two people, in this case, it takes two parties. And only the Democrats are willing to work at it.